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Bartram Springs Elementary PTA

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PTA Orientation
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Upcoming Events

BSE Families
May 13-17th is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week (Must See BSE TV) and May 18th is our 1st End of Year Carnival.

Please joins us on Thursday, May 23rd at 5PM for our final general PTA meeting. We will vote in the new board for the 2024-2025 school year.


The Bartram Springs Elementary PTA is dedicated to building a strong collaborative relationship between parents, school staff, and our local community.

Through regular family events and a welcoming volunteer community, we create lasting student and family friendships that build a network of support to help our students thrive. As a member of BSE PTA, you are also a member of the county’s District PTA, the Florida state PTA and the National PTA and therefore part of the largest and oldest child advocacy association in the United States. When we raise our voices together, we have the ability to improve local, state and national policies, programs and budgets that impact our students and school community.


We invite you to attend a PTA meeting to learn more about what's happening in our school; volunteer to support our teachers; bring your family to an event to enjoy time together as a community. It takes a village! Please take a minute to renew your Bartram Springs Elementary PTA membership at the start of the school year to support your child and all of the children in our community!

The Bartram Springs Elementary PTA works tirelessly to provide support and resources to Bartram Springs Elementary. We have been recognized for our efforts by being named as a National PTA School of Excellence for 2022-2024 and Duval County PTA of the Year for 2021. We also received the Special Needs Students With Unique Abilities Award for 2022-2023 from the Florida PTA.

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Change for the Better

Making Change Possible

Empowering Others

Building Resources Together

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